Thursday, December 27, 2007

One Month Later

Oh of course I got all excited about my blog for a second and then it got all December and I abandoned it. Here's to more blogging in 2008. Here's to more weekend hikes with the dog, less health and general-state-of-the-world anxiety, planning a fucking rad wedding, and making new soups. Here's to therapy, health insurance, teaching fiction again, weather, and writing a novel. Here's to now, to my dog curled up by my feet, to the pink slippers that Jason made everyone in the family for xmas that are on my feet, to my family in the other room, laughing loud as they watch the 3rd movie in their Judd Apatow Holiday Film Festival. 40-Year Old Virgin, then Superbad, and now Knocked Up. Here's to all three of those movies, which crack me up and also, frankly, make me cringe. Here's to cringing. Here's to hoodies lined with fur. To pineapple vodka, to guest lists, to Santa. Empty towns and cemeteries with no headstones. Cousins, babies, offensive-yet-loveable uncles. Our future Airstream adventures. Gift cards, butternut squash, wine. Vintage booze dispensers. Disney Couture. Countdowns. Cats. Friends in town. Love. Brussel sprouts, juice, moons, mornings, paid bills, road trips, happy stomachs, footsteps. Jason coming into the room to find me. Hi Jason. I'm blogging. To Jason and Buzz on the bed. I love you.