Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Month, Two Months, Three Months, Wow!

Jason likes to say that the most commonly used sentence in blogs is most likely "So I haven't written on this blog for a while, but..." (or some variation thereof), and he's probably write. In an effort to avoid that let's just get to the point(s): It's hard to do much of anything when you have a new baby (and a new house) but I think I'm finally feeling a little bit settled. And I want to keep people posted on Ivy Cat, and me, and us, and life, and I want to do it for you all, Dear Readers, and for us as well. Because one thing that everyone tells you when you have a baby is very, very true: It all goes so fast! I find myself trying to remember what Ivy was like last month, or 6 weeks ago, and it's almost impossible. Like when did she start smiling so much, and making all these sounds? And when did she start grabbing and reaching? And when the hell did she stop taking naps!?! (She's actually napping right now. Hence blogging. Exciting!) At the same time, I really am enjoying it all, every moment of it (that's the other thing that everyone tells you when you have a baby). I'll never stop being thankful that I get to spend all this time with her.

So here's what she's all about right now: smiling, reaching, grabbing soft toys/fabric, bringing soft toys/fabric to her mouth and sucking, grabbing hair, smiling, gurgling, making R2D2 noises, 'flapping her wings', wriggling, being naked, splashing in the bath, sleeping in the Ergo, eating her hands, chewing on her cloth book, staring at the ceiling fan, staring at her psychedelic mobile, getting her diaper changed, and staring intensely at our faces. And the faces of others. She'd stare at yours if you were here. And of course, she's into nursing. She's waaaay into that. Current favorite objects include two different cloth books, Sophie le Girafe, a stuffed rabbit, a purple cow rattle, a little wooden figure thing, bright green blanket, and a small stuffed fox (whose nose she sucks).