Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time Capsule

For the Time Capsule of Pre-Married Life

Dear Diary,

In early September 2008 I am...

Sleeping in only slightly later than Jason
Wearing silky grown ass woman things to bed
Reading The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Keeping the front door open all day
Killing the resulting flies with an electrocuting tennis racket
Talking to Aubs in NYC during her glamorous interlude from bus/farm life
Obsessively reading the political blogs: Sarah Palin (WTF?!?!), McCain (seriously, WTF?!?!?!), RNC, DNC, blah blahblahblah
Refining and listening to our wedding mix CDs
G/I chatting my ass off with Kirstie, Jason, Aubs, Chiara, K Neary, K Seal, etc etc
Thinking about making appointments
Thinking about buying shit online
Learning too much about LED lights and lantern lighting options
Leaving messages for the caterer
"Cleaning" my office
Lightly working on my syllabi
Walking Buzz and feeding him treats
Petting Stevie and feeding him treats
Preparing to write a ceremony prose piece
Preparing to write my vows
Feeling emotions
Feeling in love
Seriously, smiling
Feeling pangs of baby-want in my lower woman regions
Seriously, reading the word pregnant produces a heretofore unfamiliar tingly sensation within
Loving Junot Diaz, wanting to be Junot Diaz, wanting to write like Junot Diaz
Imagining the wedding.
I mean, that's like a constant
Checking my email
Reading SFGate
Worrying about crime statistics
Writing Thank You cards
Procrastinating Bill Paying + Other Financial Matters
Googling the word "wife"
Admiring September
I love this month
The weather, the sky, the energy
It's a great month for all of this...