Thursday, January 7, 2010

Six Months In

Oh hi, blog. How's it going. Great. Happy 2010! What a decade it's been, what a year 2009 was, what an explosion of words and sounds and milestones and solid foods and walking and laughing and learning 2010 will be. The Ivy Cat continues to be awesome, expressive, loud, voracious, adorable. We continue to be in awe, in love, in over our heads, into it. Working hard to stay calm and grounded and not let myself get too overwhelmed by the many many things there are to do around the house, etc. Getting ready for new emotions and expressions from this baby, who's definitely making a 6 month shift...communicating more, developing more attachments, pulling herself up to standing sometimes (!?!), continuing to dislike being on her belly, but reaching for this and wanting to move around (she scoots on her back a lot!). She goes in the swings at the park! She ate a little bit of banana! She loves the dog and the cat! She wears tiny little shoes!

In other news, the world does not actually revolve around my baby. Only partially. The rest of the world revolves around my friend's babies, and the babies who will be born to friends of mine between March and May...I believe there's 5. FIVE! Amazing. (Note: the world also revolves around my dear husband.) I am thrilled for these new additions to already-awesome families, and to continue my vague, irregular project of advice-giving, here's a totally incomplete list of Baby Objects I'm Really Glad We Own (Most of Which We Found For Free or Really Cheap or Were Given):

Aden + Anais swaddle blankets: big, breathable, soft, cute, lightweight. Perfect for swaddling, laying baby atop of, light blanket, sun shield, whathaveyou. Totally perfect for spring/summer babies when you wanna wrap em up, but don't want them to be too hot.

Infant Carseat: There are basically two choices for carseats: rear-facing infant seats, which snap in and out of a base, and can be plopped into a stroller thing, and convertible seats, which can face rear and then turn around and face forward when baby is big enough. The benefit of the latter is only having to buy/borrow one seat from birth-toddler. However, the advantages of the infant seat are huge. Loved being able to carry her around in it when she fell asleep, etc. now she's too heavy to cart around, but it's still convenient. We never managed to get the stroller frame that it clicks into, but I kinda wish we had. We're now ready to switch to the convertible, cuz my baby's huge, and I plan to buy one off CL. I'm hoping to get a Britax Marathon Convertible. Cuz apparently that's what I should get. (The Marathon is more expensive than the Roundabout, but it's taller, and lasts thru toddler years. Plus Ivy is super tall, so I need that).

Breast Pump: Love it. Got it for free (thanks, my mom's neighbor who I've never met!), wasn't sure if I'd use it, now am soooooo glad for it. It's the key to your freedom, and to relieving crazy engorged boobs early on. Mine's a Medela Pump in Style I think. It's fancy, yada yada, get one used. You can buy new sterile parts for it (or just boil the used ones. No biggie) I'm still not a huge fan of the actual act of pumping, but I'm a massive fan of being able to leave the baby for more than an hour and know that she'll be fed and happy.

Ergo baby carrier: Everyone's got their own opinion on carriers based on what the baby likes, what feels best for the parent, etc. We used a sling at the beginning, and then the Bjorn for a bit, but both were too heavy and hard on my shoulder/s. You can start using the Ergo at about 3 months (before that their hips can't handle the splayed position) and I looooooove it and so does she. It's pricey, but really worth it IMHO. Supports your back and shoulders, cozy and warm for baby, has a little pocket for phone, keys, etc. We wear her in in pretty much every day.

Bouncy chair: I believe I've already covered this. But it's crucial. We have this one. Mom got it for $5 at a thriftstore! She now can almost squirm out of it, but for the first 5 months, it was a lifesaver.

Hella socks: Trumpette's are ridiculously cute, and I have no idea why they dominate the baby sock market, but they do. So many patterns, and so freakin cute. Once the baby can remove socks, you will realize the importance of having many, many socks.

Activity Gym: She loves this thing. We have kinds of random hand-me-down gadgets that attach to it and she can play there for a while. Yay.

Sophie le Girafe: It's a squeaky rubber giraffe that every baby on earth seems to have. Not essential by any means, but Ivy loves it. Go figure.

I'll stop there.